BNE Real Estate Group is a national, family-owned organization with over 60 years of experience in the development, investment and management of high-quality real estate assets. “We’ve been working with Lawns By Yorkshire for over four years, starting with one property and growing form there. The Lawns by Yorkshire team handles all the landscaping for our headquarters office building — a property our partners see every day and kudos to LBY for making sure the landscaping meets their expectations. “The same is true at the residential properties the LBY team landscapes for BNE. They have the size and scope to handle our large properties. We rely on them because they are friendly, reliable, readily available and always provide the right pricing. “I’m happy to recommend Lawns by Yorkshire.”

Executive Vice President | Head of Operations
BNE Real Estate Group


LNR is the largest real estate special servicer in the United States, responsible for thousands of properties nationwide. “Lawns by Yorkshire has served LNR for many years. Steven Jomides and his team are very professional and highly qualified in everything they do. THEY’VE NEVER LET DOWN which is not something that can be said about most of their competition. LBY is always responsive and communicative. Others have failed us in an emergency during heavy snowfall. Several times Steven’s team has rescued us, which is now why we use them throughout the tri-state area. And when it comes to landscaping, they do a great job. Lawns by Yorkshire is the very best as far as I’m concerned.”

Senior Vice President
LNR Property, LLC


Forsgate Industrial Partners is a 50-year-old private real estate developer and investor that owns and manages over 10 million square feed of industrial buildings in New Jersey. “Lawns by Yorkshire has served Forsgate Industrial Properties for quite some time. I’ve worked with Steven Jomides for over 15 years and feel so comfortable about him and his team that I would recommend them to my family. They are very responsive, so much so that expanded our relationship with them over the years. The LBY team is completely dependable. They are always in contact before, during, and after a snowstorm. They arrive on time and stick to the commitments they make. They have also always performed at a high level for us on the landscaping side as well. Forsgate Industrial Properites has a great relationship with Lawns by Yorkshire and I expect it to last a long time.”

Director of Leasing
Forsgate Industrial Partners

We have been working with Lawns By Yorkshire for more than six years and appreciate the high quality service and support they provide to our community. Our community has woods, lawns, paths and gardens, which are challenging for any contractor. Steven and his team – led by a dedicated foreman – get the details right and the results show. The community has never looked better.

President, Board of Trustees
Four Seasons at Chester