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Lush lawns come at a high environmental price

North Jersey is known as the center of suburbia, with homes surrounded by lush lawns. We rightfully take pride in our properties and enjoy how they look. But in the extended drought we’ve been in, thinking about the impact our lawns have on water conservation and more broadly the environment is more urgent than…


Equipped to Communicate

KRISTEN HAMPSHIRE | May 12, 2014 Steven Jomides remembers the first HOA account that Lawns by Yorkshire serviced back in the late 1990s. It won this 45-unit development that was about a $20,000 value. It was a good sale at the time. “We serviced it like a big house back then,” says Jomides, CEO of the Westwood, …


Covering Your Bases

EMILY SCHAPPACHER | March 12, 2014 Company owners protect their assets with noncompete agreements. Saying “no” to noncompetes  Steven Jomides, president of Lawns by Yorkshire in Westwood, N.J., is one contractor who doesn’t think noncompete agreements make the best business sense. The $10-million company, which offers commercial maintenance services, used to require employees to sign noncompetes, but Jomides recently …


Jersey Boy

ROB THOMAS | Snow Magazine Lawns by Yorkshire’s Steven Jomides has achieved success with a track record of excellence, as well as through a commitment to community. In February 1988, Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega and televangelist Jimmy Swaggert were stealing national headlines. One was indicted on drug charges, while the other was confessing his sins. On …


Sponsorship is a slam dunk

New Jersey landscape company Lawns by Yorkshire sponsorship is a slam dunk for Miami Heat Forward Battier’s Take Charge Foundation Westwood, NJ, January 24, 2014 – Northern New Jersey-based award-winning Lawns by Yorkshire’s ( www . lawnsbyyorkshire . com ) CEO Steven Jomides and his wife Andrea are partnering with Miami Heat Forward and all-time NCAA’s winningest player (133 …